EzPaste-xl2anywhere 4.0

Copy AT ONCE hundreds of charts from Excel to PowerPoint /Word/Html/PDF

Create PowerPoint directly from Excel! Copy AT ONCE hundreds of charts from Excel to PowerPoint...

EzPaste (to be pronounced Easy-Paste) is a professional unique utility intended for completely automating and managing the otherwise manual process of copying and pasting objects (charts and tables) from Excel to PowerPoint, Word, HTML and PDF

EzPaste identifies automatically all the charts and named tables in the active workbook. The user then selects which of the objects to paste and...DONE!

EzPaste comes as a regular Excel Add-in. Once installed, it is available for each Excel workbook from a new tab. Main features:-

-Complete control over the objects to be pasted

-Complete control over the pasting order

*Charts and Tables could be pasted as pictures, Excel editable or linked Excel

-There are 2 operating modes while pasting to PowerPoint:

. To new slides automatically added to the active PowerPoint file

. To predefined slide numbers in the active PowerPoint file

-Complete control over the positioning of the pasted objects on the PowerPoint slide

-Built-in utility for creating and editing data-range objects to be pasted as tables

-All the EzPaste settings of a specific Excel file are saved within the file and automatically retrieved once the file is reopened

-Each selected object may be previewed directly

-One button swift copy/paste for current Excel selection


No such software at such a price on the market. The flexibility and control are almost endless and differentiate EzPaste from some utilities that try to mimic the process. The tool has been reviewed by Microsoft and found "compelling"

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    A unique productivity boster.
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